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I keep running into problems when trying to change the font. I can change it in paint but I can't get it to stick on the panel I have created. It just keeps reverting back to the original font. I've used all the same settings as in paint. The font I am using is "Interwine Emoji". Here are my settings from paint... UPDATE I realized I had made a mistake. I forgot to turn off my gridlines. When I went to change the font on my panel, it reverted back to the original font I had set. I then noticed the gridlines. I changed it to "off" and now my font settings are working as intended. A: The panel you're using (like a chart or table) has a grid that's hidden by default. So you need to turn it on and then select the font you want to use. In "Options" settings, there is a tab named "Grid & Guide." It might be named something like "show grid" or "guide." It says something like "tooltips are on" (for the options "show tooltips" and "guide") or "tooltips are off" (for the options "tooltips are off" and "hide grid"). I know you have a computer with Windows 10 installed. For me, the item was called "show grid." Q: What happens to dual-slotted modules when power to the board is disconnected? I've built a project that utilizes dual-slotted modules as a variant of "simultaneous differential signaling." I haven't received any documentation on what will happen if I connect the red power to the board to ground, but I have noticed that the voltage at the (dual) output(s) is always a few hundred millivolts higher than the input, even when the output is switched to the low voltage. What happens to a dual-slotted module if the red power is disconnected? What about a differential pair of modules? Does the signal lose amplitude? Usually there is a discrete power regulator that takes the input from the power supply and gives it to the chips. When the chips are powered by the off-board supply, the power regulator draws the input from the off-board supply. If the off-board supply is off, the regulator does nothing, and the input is taken from the in-board

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